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Royal Star Stuff

I know, in the past, that some folks have asked why Sorgitzak has the Summer Solstice associated with the North and the Winter Solstice associated with the South, when most others have it the other way round. I had various answers for that...but just recently ran across something rather interesting that makes me want to explore the thought more. In particular, there is the idea of the four Royal Stars of Persia and how they mark out the Directions and the Seasons.

Regulus is the "star of kings" and associated with lions (Leo) and the Watcher of the North. Regular is also associated with the Summer Solstice. The same holds true for the Watcher of the South being associated with the Winter Solstice.

5000 years ago these four stars were markers of the solstices and equinoxes (this has changed, of course, over time) and were associated with the four quarters of the heavens, the four seasons, the four Watchers, etc.

So, I guess the sorgitzak view that North is associated with Summer and South with Winter is off...by about 5000 years. Hee...
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