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Dancing the Blood

We did some good Dancing the Blood last month. Saw some interesting things...

Which reminded me to Get Cracking on the book. I figure if I do at least 5 pages a week, I can have ye first draft done by July sometime. Which leaves several months for editing/re-write in order to get it to the publisher with some time to spare yet before year's end.

Took the Faery Seer class by Orion Foxwood. Very nifty keen. Strange thing was, how many things we'd already learned on our own path that were similar to his path. There was one symbol and one phrase that were exact. How weird is that?!!?!?!?

Shows there is a common root somewhere back for all of these different Craft paths. Somehow, between us all, we can fill in those missing pieces. That's my dream anyway and I'm sticking to it


PS: Spring Equinox (Estaravane) is coming up fast. We pick a "path" to walk at that time...to explore and expand our understandings. You have to promise it outloud and mean it. Because all sorts of things can result. One year, we picked the path of Tahlshai, the Goddess of Freedom, and hooplah--very shortly thereafter our lives were turned upside down and inside out.

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