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traditional witchcraft and native European shamanism
This is a site for those who are interested in discussing and learning more about the traditional European witchcraft path, Old Forest Craft. Another name for those witches who are of this path are the Sorgitza or Sorgitzak. The Gods and Goddesses of this path are based upon the directions and elements of the circle. Some of these Gods and Goddesses have been asleep for many years, while others have remained awake and aware of the passage of time. It is They who desire this line to be renewed and for those of the Blood to wake and return to their chosen path of worship and service to both the Gods and the community.

The first book regarding the details of these Gods and this path came out in 2008: Sorgitzak-Old Forest Craft. It contains a basic ritual, guided meditations for men to travel to the Overworld and the women to the Underworld, plus for a group or individual to travel to the Sabbat "place," sometimes known as Benevento. It also included invocations and symbols that can be used to contact, speak with, and even channel into this world these Gods/Goddesses/energies.

The second book deals, more specifically, with the Goddess of the West, the Goddess of Water and Inspiration (also known as the Muse). The book is about inspiration in its many guises--finding it in the world around you, finding it deep within you, expressing that inspiration through your creative efforts and, finally, your life as inspiration. We called this Goddess Ariadne, but She told us others of Her names (in the past and in different cultures) included Cerridwen, Aphrodite, and the Lady of the Lake.

A third book is currently in process and will include Sabbat rituals and much more relating to the Sabbatic Journey/Spirit Journey needed to go to Benevento, Venusberg, the Witches' Sacred Mountain where they hold their Sabbats still.

If you wish to join this community, please apply for membership and a LJ message would also be helpful. When you join, we'd love it if you'd put up an intro post, as well, just so we can get to know you and what you're interested in. Lurking is okay, so long as you're a lurker who actually has posts on your own LJ account so we know you're a Real Person.

There is also a sister-site you can join if you're into yahoogroups: oldforestcraft

BTW, the official website for Old Forest Craft and Veronica Cummer happens to be: www.sorgitzak.com

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